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Gary McCoy testing the FB Corse MotoGP bike - by Imre Paulovits (MotoSport Aktuell)

Gary McCoy testing the FB Corse MotoGP bike - by Imre Paulovits (MotoSport Aktuell)

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Quote from photographer Imre Paulovits:

Showing the test of the FB Corse MotoGP bike with Gary McCoy at the controls. This bike was an experiment of BMW bringing advanced Formula 1 technology into MotoGP.

They commissioned Oral Engineerings Mauro Forghieri, the father of world championship winning Ferrari Formula 1 engines, to build this concept study. When BMW collected enough data for their future hypersport bike, now known as the S1000 RR, they decided against further developing the concept and race it in MotoGP. But Oral Engineering continued ,and FB Corse tried to find the funds to race it in MotoGP.

Finally they could not raise the budget needed, so this historical test ride in Valencia on March 17 2010 by iconic veteran Gary McCoy remained the only time, the bike was in action. 

I was one of only three journalists who was attending and the only one who took details of the stripped bike, this is a unique source of documentary for all fans who are interested in technical history.

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About the project

We are very excited to have the opportunity to sell these amazing images. Initiated by official Dorna MotoGP™ photographer Diego Sperani and colleague Evangelia Sissis, Photographers for Health brings together crème of the MotoGP™ photography, in a mission to tackle Covid-19 and other dangerous diseases across Africa. 

Diego says: "There is huge value to these images. As well as the enormous artistic and technical skill and creativity of each photographer, the equipment that the photographers use is worth up to ‎€30.000. And the travel and expenses to go to each circuit make the creation of each image a huge endeavour. We are excited to see people getting a chance to own these incredible pieces of artwork that capture the spirit of MotoGP™."